Getting a loan from traditional lenders like banks is not easy when you have a bad credit rating and/or you are not making good money. It is also hard for you to get a credit card when you have poor credit or no credit. That is why a lot of people resort to payday lending when they are in need of funds. Payday loans typically cost 400% annual interest (APR) or more and the average loan term is about two weeks. When you borrow $100, you will be charged about $15 and higher and you most likely have to pay what you borrow in two weeks.

If you have bad credit and you have a vehicle that is paid off or is almost fully paid, there is a way better loan option for you than a payday loan. This loan is called a car title loan. Car title loan also known as auto title loan, title loan, pink slip loan or auto equity loan, allows you to borrow money against the equity of your vehicle while you keep and drive your car. You may be able to borrow from $2,510 to $50,000 and APR is from 36% to 130% with a term of 24 months to 44 months. Getting an auto title loan is easy and fast. You can be approved in minutes and can get funded on the same day. The requirements are also simple which are typically your: vehicle title (pink slip), proof of income, driver license or other acceptable valid ID, proof of residence, proof of vehicle insurance and references. In most cases, the car title loan lender will able to help you take care of your outstanding DMV fees (if there are any) and/or adding a vehicle insurance in case you do not have one as long as the vehicle has enough value and you qualify to add these to the loan. It is also convenient to get a title loan because lenders like SBR Title Loans can normally come near you and we can arrange to meet after your work hours or on the weekend. Car title loans are also simple interest loans so you only get charged interest on your principal balance. It also offers no prepayment penalties so you can pay off your loan earlier than your term without incurring additional fees. This is a good solution for your emergency and financial needs if banks have turned you down or if you need immediate funding.

If you need cash to help you with your emergency and financial needs, you can apply for a car title loan online at or call us at 844-307-3SBR (844-307-3727). We can help you get the money that you need and can offer a monthly payment that is manageable to you. We can even refinance your existing car title loans for a better rate and/or to get more money.


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