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10 Things that Take Longer Than Applying for a Car Title Loan

Car title loans can be easy to apply for and provide cash in a pinch. Many times, lenders will allow you to borrow $2,500 or more for your vehicle’s title. Some people are put off by thinking that, like traditional loans, car title loans are cumbersome to get because of a lengthy application process. This isn’t true. To show you how quick it is to get a car title loan, here are ten things that take longer than the average time it takes to get a car title loan.

Washing the Car

Are you a fan of manual car wash stations? You get to get out of the car and spend quality time together with family and friends washing your car. Well, getting a car title loan is, in fact, quicker than cleaning and vacuuming your car at one of these establishments.

Taking Your Loved One on a Shopping Trip

Have a wife that loves to shop? Is your girlfriend a fiend for trendy house plants, so much so that she’ll spend hours at the local plant nursery? Have a lady friend that doesn’t window shop but goes right to what she wants in the store? Yes, getting a car loan is easier and faster than all of these scenarios.

Getting a Traditional Bank Loan

Unlike a traditional bank loan, car title loans get you cash fast. Applying for and getting a car title loan typically happen on the same day, whereas many traditional loans by a bank or lending company require several business days to complete the transaction.

Going Grocery Shopping

Yes, you can get a car title loan faster than you can buy a week’s worth of groceries and leave the store. Even if you did compete in Supermarket Sweep.

Listening to Your Favorite Album

Whether that album is on vinyl, 8-track, CD, or digital download, you can probably get a car title loan before finishing your favorite album.

Doing the Laundry

Between washing, drying, folding, and ironing laundry, you can definitely get a car title loan faster than the average laundry process.

That PTO Conference

You know that PTO meeting you’ve been dreading? Yes, getting a car title loan will take less time than listening to the ins and outs of your child’s education.

Baking Brownies

While brownies are delicious, you can usually get a car title loan in less time than it takes to whip up those chocolate delights.

Cleaning the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is probably one of the most hated household chores. Well, it’s also more time-consuming (and frustrating) than getting a car title loan. Plus, car title loans have the added benefit of resulting in money in your hand.

An Uninspiring Dinner Party

No one likes a long, boring dinner party. Luckily, it will definitely take less time to get a car title loan than to go to that boring dinner party that your partner wants you to attend with him or her.

When people hear “loan,” they tend to think of a long, complicated process. Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that car title loans are different. If you’re interested in starting the application process, check out our online application form.

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