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5 Things You Could Use Your Car Title Loan to Buy Today

Car title loans are quick and easy to get. Many of these loans give you cash on the same day that you apply and average around $2,500. Here are five things you could buy today if you applied for and were approved for a car title loan.


Depending on the style, you could score between three and four classic pairs of Louboutin heels with your car title loan cash. Guys aren’t left out, either. Depending on your style choices you could rock not one but two pairs of high-top Louboutins after being approved for a car title loan.

The Newest Smartphone

With $2,500, you could leave your lender’s office and head straight over to the Apple store or an Android retailer to pick up the newest smartphone on the market. In fact, you could buy two. You could also pick up a stylish phone case and a few accessories as well, and still have money left over for lunch.

A Diamond Ring

If you’ve got your eye on a ring and want to pop the question, a title loan can help finance the purchase of a ring your partner will love. If you’ve already popped the question, invest that cash in a wedding dress or suit for the big day. If you’re way ahead of the game and already have those items budgeted, your car title loan could finance an epic bachelorette or bachelor party for you and all your friends.

A Dream Vacation

A car title loan can go a long way towards financing a dream vacation. Expenses for travel, accommodations, and sightseeing add up. Whether it’s an all-out trip to Las Vegas or three months backpacking in Thailand, with $2500 you can plan the trip of a lifetime.

A Giant TV, or a Few

With the price of a 50-inch TV hovering between $300 and $350 depending on the brand, you could buy anywhere from five to seven 50-inch TVs before maxing out your car title loan. If you wanted to really treat yourself, you could spring for a 75-inch screen or two. Or you could add in a video game console, a DVD player, or even a Netflix subscription.

No matter what you decide to use your car title loan to buy, remember that the application process is simple and affordable. With Sabre Lending, it’s possible to receive and spend your money on the same day you apply for a loan. If you’re interested in a car title loan, contact us or visit our website to start your online application.

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